TOPOLO has recently developed a new CFRT product – a thermoplastic bumper beam. It is another breakthrough for the application of composite panels in car parts.

The bumper system is an important structure for it protects vehicles and drivers from accident damage. A bumper system is usually made up of four main parts: a bumper fascia, energy absorber, bumper beam, and bumper stay. The bumper beam is the key part of this system. It is the core of the bumper, which has to absorb all the energy that other parts failed to withstand.

The design and manufacturing of bumper beams is never an easy task. It involves many specific factors. One of the most important factors is lightweight. The lighter the bumper is, the better fuel efficiency the vehicle will get, as well as lower operation and maintenance costs. An efficient way to achieve lightweight is the innovation of bumper materials. There are many different materials that can be used to make a bumper beam. Traditionally, steel, aluminum, and magnesium have been preferred, but lately, there has been a great success when using thermoplastic composites. The use of composite materials can be very beneficial because they are easier to manufacture and able to reduce weight without sacrificing any bending strength. Some of the leading composite materials being used are sheet molding compound (SMC), and continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic (CFRT).

TOPOLO Thermoplastic Composites

TOPOLO is a professional in the design and manufacturing of CFRT composite panels. The thermoplastic bumper beam at TOPOLO is proved high quality in both lightweight and high strength. The composite material achieves good behavior in impact tests and shows a good result in lightweight performance.