• Post published:September 11, 2020

Recently, deep in the prairie of Inner Mongolia, a white sheep shed was set on the pasture contracted by a shepherd family, 3.5 meters high, 20 meters long, and 16 meters wide. It is amazing that this is the first sheep house made of glass fiber reinforced composites in China.

According to the manufacturer of the sheep house, glass fiber reinforced composite is featured with lightweight and high strength. Although the density is only 1/4 of steels, it owns 3 to 6 times higher specific strength. It can withstand strong wind and snow, and extreme temperature changes from -40 degrees to 50 degrees. The material is especially suitable for prairies due to its chemical resistance to the corrosion of urine and feces from the livestock. The composite is also resistant to the strong UV-rays on the prairie.

The First Carbon Fiber Sheep Shed in Mongolia 1

As to the installation, the principal said:” It is difficult to set up sheep and cowhouses with civil structures on the prairie. You often have to run for kilometers to the town, only to buy a screw. In contrast, all components of a 300sqm glass fiber composite shed are no more than 5tons, just in one truck. The onsite installation can be finished by several workers within 4 days under normal weather. Moreover, the semi-transparent ceiling also saves lighting equipment.”

Standing in front of the basically completed shed, the herder said excitedly: “The winter here is very cold, the snow is heavy, the minimum temperature is about minus 40 degrees. Yet in the past years, every herder had to say goodbye to several heads of their valuable sheep frozen to death. The newly built shed is really a “villa” for my sheep compared with the old ones. This winter, more than 1,300 sheep in my family will no longer be frozen, and more than 300 ewes will give birth smoothly. It is also more convenient to clean the sheep pen.”

Zhang Fuxiang, the resident vice president and general secretary of the China Fiberglass and Composites Association, introduced that advantages like high strength, lightweight, and easy molding make fiberglass composite a suitable material for sheep and cowhouses. In addition, the composite materials can be made into sandwich panels for various buildings. They are very convenient and economic for siding panels, wall panels, prefab house panels, etc..

The First Carbon Fiber Sheep Shed in Mongolia 2

Zhang Fuxiang pointed out that the glass fiber reinforced composite 30% cheaper than traditional materials in the sheep house building, and it will definitely be loved by herders. After the completion of the first sheep shed, there will be another sheep shed and another horse shed. Construction of about 450 square meters will begin in Inner Mongolia.

In the past, people took photos before the beautiful and white Mongolian yurt. Today, they stop to admire the wind power columns and the rotating wind blades rising into the blue sky. In the future, sheep and cattle sheds scattering all over the grassland will combine modernity with fashion, adding a new scene to the prairie.

The First Carbon Fiber Sheep Shed in Mongolia 3

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