The RV world is dominated by traditional types of motorhomes, such as travel trailers, motorhomes, and five-wheelers. Each of these RV types has its positives, but there is one type of old-fashioned trailer that is gaining popularity. This type of RV is the teardrop trailer.

So, what is a teardrop trailer?

Teardrop trailers are easily identifiable because of their large, rounded front that tapers toward the rear of the trailer, resembling a teardrop-shaped silhouette. The front of the teardrop trailer serves as the sleeping section, while the rear half serves as the kitchen and storage area.

Why are they popular?

  • Towable

Teardrop trailers are some of the smallest trailers in the RV world. Most are about 5-7 feet wide and barely more than 12 feet long. Since it has a very small footprint and is not very heavy, it can be towed by almost any type of vehicle, including minicars and even motorcycles.

  • Low Cost

Another benefit of their small stature is that teardrop trailers won’t cost you a lot of money or other resources, and even the smallest RV parking space will fit a teardrop trailer, and their small size also means they won’t be too hard on the road control.

  • Aesthetics

Teardrop trailers are some of the most popular models for customization, and some of these custom configurations are very personal. Things like wooden exterior trim, vintage paint designs and more make the teardrop trailer one of the most attractive trailers on the market.

  • Function

A well-built teardrop trailer will provide plenty of sleeping space for two and three people, while also providing a kitchen.

TOPOLO Teardrop Trailer

TOPOLO specializes in customizing teardrop trailers, we provide professional customization for your project such as material, color, size, interior layout, etc.

  • Professional Design

TOPOLO has a professional RV design team to provide perfect solutions according to your project needs. These design options include body structures, floors, roofs, doors, windows, kitchens, beds, electrical circuits, etc.

  • New Material

TOPOLO developed a new lightweight and high-strength composite new material for teardrop trailers – Fiberglass PP Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panel. This kind of panel is far stronger than wood, lighter in weight, and has good water and moisture resistance. For aesthetic effect, a layer of imitation wood grain PVC film is glued on the surface of the panel.

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