The body of the dump truck is attached to the chassis and driven by hydraulic pressure or cylinders to transport and dump sand, soil, gates, stones and other materials. Carrying overweight subjects will cause damage to the body of the dump truck, in addition, rough roads, bad weather and occasional traffic accidents, the damage to the body will be further aggravated, such as deformation of the side panels, depressions in the floor, etc., which significantly shortened the service life of the dump body. Increasing the body strength by increasing the weight will increase the engine load of the vehicle and reduce transportation efficiency. Therefore, on the premise of reducing the weight of the body as much as possible, the strength of the body can be improved to maximize the loading rate of the vehicle.

Small Dump Truck Body

All Aluminum Alloy Dump Truck Body

TOPOLO has developed an all-aluminum alloy dump truck body. The body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. Each part is formed by die stamping, and the parts are connected by rivets. Compared with the traditional steel tipper body, the aluminum alloy body has the following advantages:

  • lighter weight: Aluminum is the lightest metal, and its density is much lower than that of steel, so vehicles with aluminum bodies are more fuel-efficient.
  • Longer lifespan: Aluminum alloy material will not rust, more resistant to rain, acid and alkali.
  • Environmental protection: After the life of the aluminum body is over, there can be 100% completely recycled and reused.

Parts and Materials

(The following components are for reference only, materials can be selected and body structure can be designed according to requirements.)

  • Body: All high-strength aluminum alloy material.
  • Headboard: Pre-painted aluminum alloy plate.
  • Side panel: Aluminum alloy stamping forming.
  • Floor: Anti-skid floor can be added.
  • Corner: Aluminum alloy profile.
  • Sideboard lock and catch: 304 stainless steel stamping forming.
  • Chassis: Galvanized steel structure and hydraulic lifting system.