Temporary buildings are simple structures that must be dismantled within a limited period (generally no more than two years). Its temporary nature determines that the materials it uses must be low-cost and efficient building materials, but it must meet basic living standards, such as sound insulation, thermal insulation, earthquake resistance, etc. Composite sandwich materials are undoubtedly the best material choice.

FRP Sandwich Panels for Temporary Buildings

Most of the traditional composite panels are metal skins, and most of them are pre-coated color steel foam sandwich panels. The new FRP skin foam core sandwich panel launched by TOPOLO is far superior to metal composite panels in terms of comprehensive performance. The FRP sandwich panel is lighter, stronger and more beautiful. FRP sandwich panels are used in various temporary buildings such as prefab houses, exhibition buildings, sentry boxes, mobile toilets, and flood barriers.

Commonly used FRP sandwich plates are as follows:

XPS Foam Sandwich Panel
PU Foam Sandwich Panel
PVC Foam Sandwich Panel
PET foam core sandwich panels
PET Foam Sandwich Panel
EPP Foam Sandwich Panel