RV Roof Panels

The roof is the weakest part of the RV. It requires both good strength, waterproofness, and lightweight as much as possible. So choosing a good RV roofing material is crucial to building an RV. Fiberglass composite foam board panels are a good choice, it meets these needs perfectly, fiberglass composite board panels are very durable, waterproof and easy to clean.

So which FRP composite panels are suitable for RV roofs?

XPS for RV Roof Panels
XPS composite panel is one of the most used RV body panels

Advantages of TOPOLO

TOPOLO composite RV panel is designed to be a thinner, highly bendable, one-piece roof panel for recreational vehicles and campers. Its flexibility allows the panel to bend around the radius that is created where the sidewall and roof meet. This results in a seamless RV roof with no leak.

RV Roof Panel Bending Solutions
Assembled composite panel corner treatment
Assembled composite panel corner treatment
One-piece mold forming RV composite panel