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Compared to conventional RV floor materials used in the market, such as wood or multiplex boards, TOPOLO foam core sandwich panels offers many advantages when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene. Commercially available coated plywood sheets and textured, coated board can quickly become scratched and absorb moisture and dirt, this in turn can lead to swelling and rotting. In commercially available honeycomb panels, dirt and moisture can remain in the honeycombs and form a culture medium for mould and bacteria. TOPOLO RV floors solve these problems perfectly.

TOPOLO RV Floor Panel Features

  • Waterproof

FRP composite panel with a good sealing effect, and the panel surface with good corrosion resistance, it will not slowly decay like traditional solid wood floors in a humid environment.

  • Lightweight

TOPOLO foam core RV panels are almost 30% lighter than comparable compact sheets. Light construction elements help with weight reduction, thereby making a contribution towards fuel efficiency for your caravans, motor homes and camper vans.

  • Slip-resistant

TOPOLO RV floor panels with a “golf skin” surface as a slip-resistant option. This anti-skid surface offers a high level of safety, preventing objects from slipping in caravans and motor homes. Fixed shelving systems for secure storage of small objects can also be made from this type of sandwich panels.

  • Easy to work with

TOPOLO RV floors can be worked on using conventional tools for wood and metal. The material is also easy to screw and rivet. We have extensive experience in the reliable mounting of our boards using various fastening elements.

  • Good insulation properties

Composite PET/PVC/PU/XPS/EPS foam cores in the panels series offer good thermal insulation and soundproofing.

  • Strong

These RV floor panels include high mechanical stability and shock resistance, and therefore have a quite long service life.

Basic Materials for RV Floors Panels

  • Core Materials: PET/XPS/PVC/PU/EPP Foam
  • Skin Material: FRP Sheet, Plywood
  • Floor Leather Material: Vinyl Plastic
RV Floor Panel Structure

Vinyl Floor Leather

Vinyl is one of the best-known leather alternatives, also known as faux leather. As a plastic resin, it is processed from chlorine and vinyl. The name vinyl is actually derived from the material’s full name, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and unlike most plastics, vinyl is generally recyclable and therefore more environmentally friendly than other synthetic materials.

Vinyl Floor Leather

Ditch Your Hardwood RV Floors

Compared to traditional solid wood floors, TOPOLO’s wood grain leather fiberglass sandwich RV floors are both aesthetic and strong while being easier to clean.

TOPOLO customized service

TOPOLO will customize high-quality composite RV floors according to the needs of customers.

Imitation wood grain floor leather surface, wood grain is various and can be customized according to your needs.

RV fiberglass xps foam floors

The embedded structure can not only increase the overall strength, but also facilitate screw installation. Aluminum tubes, wood boards, and I-shaped engineering plastics are used as reinforcing materials. If you choose aluminum tubing, it’s easy to install the wires.

Some holes are reserved in the RV floor for fixing it to the chassis, and also for easy installation of electrical wiring.

According to the shape of the chassis, CNC cutting technology is used to make the perfect floor panel shape.

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