RV Fiberglass Sheets

Whether you need to replace your damaged RV siding or want to change the entire look of your vehicle, a fiberglass sheet is a good choice. The fiberglass sheet for RV is a gel-coated laminated sheet. It is combined with a core material (foam or honeycomb) to form a composite sheet used in RV wall panels, door panels, floors, roofs, and interior trim. Many RV owners choose fiberglass sheets for their vehicles because they are resistant to dirt and debris and stand up well to extreme weather (like hail and snow), making them easier to maintain and clean.

Gelcoat Fiberglass Sheets for RV Siding

The gelcoat fiberglass sheets are durable and won’t dent, peel or fade easily. Its surface is flat, smooth and attractive.

Taken together, it has the following advantages.

  • Lightweight
  • Combining Strength and Toughness
  • Waterproof
  • Heat insulation
  • Preservative
  • Flat and smooth
  • Easy to process
RV Fiberglass Sheets


WidthMax 3.2m
Skin SurfaceHigh-Glossy, Matt, Stone, Cloths Pattern, Woven Roving, Bubbles, Leather
Other propertiesAnti-UV, flame retardant

TOPOLO RV fiberglass sheet has the following advantages

  • The surface is smooth, without obvious bubbles or cracks.
  • It is closely matched with the core material.
  • Long-term use will not change color.
  • Good toughness, no cracking during nailing, nor cracking at the nailing place due to thermal expansion and cold contraction.

Wide range of applications

TOPOLO fiberglass sheets can be applied for the siding of various RV bodies, such as C class RVs, campers, caravans, teardrop RVs, off-road RVs, truck RVs, etc. It works on many parts of the RV: roof, walls, floors,etc. The overall performance of the RV using FRP siding has been greatly improved.

Which composite panels can fiberglass sheets be applied to?

TOPOLO provides customers with one-piece fiberglass RV composite panels, which saves customers the steps of reprocessing. We provide two types of fiberglass composite panels: foam core and honeycomb core. The core material of the fiberglass foam panel is XPS/PET/ PVC/EPP/PU, etc., and the core material of the fiberglass honeycomb panel is PP (polypropylene).