• Effective width: 950mm, 1150mm
  • Thickness: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm
  • Panel skin: color-painted steel (0.326mm to 0.6mm thick)
  • Panel core: rock wool + PU foam, density 30-45kg/m3

Fireproof Rock Wool Sandwich Panels

The fireproof rock wool sandwich panel is made of two layers of color-coated steel plates or other metal plates. The rock wool is bonded with the metal panel to form beautiful, flat, rigid, and tough building panels. The formed panels have the characteristics of fire prevention, heat preservation, and environmental protection, which provides a good choice for industrial building systems.

Advantages and Applications

  • Both inorganic and heat resistant, lightweight and heat resistant, elastic and chemical resistant, non-combustible and no decay;
  • Glass wool is made by the fiberizing molten glass through high technologies like flaming, centrifuging, and energy-carrying gas treatment under high pressure. Mineral wool is made from iron-ore slag and processed through melting, high-pressure steam blowing, and cooling.
  • Excellent in sound insulation, the glass and mineral wool sandwich panels are useful in the building of factories, ballrooms, stadiums, shopping malls, studios, and recording rooms.


Density (kg/m3)≥64≥120
Heat Conductivity (w/m*k)≤0.052≤0.054
Max. Working Temperature (℃)≥400≥600

TOPOLO products are used for wall panels and roof panels in steel structures, workshops, prefab houses, sunrooms, thermal insulation rooms, warehouses, toilets, offices, ships, light steel villas, and other industries.

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