• Post published:July 25, 2017

The automotive industry is becoming hotter and more popular since the rapid growth of the vehicle market. New materials are eager to be developed for the newly emerged requirements on vehicles.

For this, the technical director of P+Z Engineering visited TOPOLO on July 24, 2017, and discussed TOPOLO’s new material CFRT performs on modern automobiles.

2017 cfrt news 1

P+Z Engineering is a branch office of ARRK in Germany. It has supported renowned customers for 50 years of development. Tom visited TOPOLO’s headquarter and then the technology department. During the visit, he showed great interest in TOPOLO CFRT composite materials, as well as their related products as HDPE and ABS composites.

CFRT Performance on Sandwich Panels

TOPOLO CFRT materials are widely utilized in plastic and metal products where needs composite materials, especially in vehicles. CFRT is made of continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites and can be used to produce UD tapes, thermoplastic composite sheets, thermoplastic sandwich panels, honeycomb sandwich panels, etc.

2017 cfrt news 2

The specific advantage of CFRT is strong tensile, and most important, lightweight. This is what TOPOLO is pursuing and what P+Z Engineering is looking for. The successful visit facilitates the cooperation between the two professional leaders of the new material and automobile industry.

TOPOLO manager, Isabella added that: “Every new material must go through tests and experiments. We fix on exploring the principles and exerting the merits, to fit the right material into the right place.”

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