PUR sandwich panel manufacturer

PUR is a rigid polyurethane foam. PUR foam can be combined with pre-coated steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or FRP to form a PUR sandwich panel, which is a new type of heat insulation material for lower construction costs, of which prepainted steel sandwich panels are the most common. It can reduce the heat transmission caused by differences in the internal and external temperatures, and get to maximum efficiency of freezing and refrigeration systems.

PUR Sandwich Panels Manufacturer in China

PUR sandwich panel consists of three main parts: outer skin, foam core and inner skin.

  • Inner and Outer Skins: Usually, metal materials with good weather resistance are selected as skins so that they can withstand external pressure and protect the internal polyurethane foam.
  • Foam Core: Polyurethane has very low thermal conductivity, providing excellent thermal insulation properties.
PUR Insulation Panels Structure
Schematic Cross-section

The Features of PUR Insulation Panels

Efficient Construction
The lightweight sandwich panels provide an easy installation that can be triple faster than usual wood or concrete building. It can also have less affection from the weather during construction. It allows a large span, the supporting structure can be lighter.

Perfect Energy Saving
Sandwich panel provides high thermal insulation by means of PUR foam insulation materials. It has a lower U value and higher insulation capability.

Environmental Friendly
Sandwich panels require less maintenance than concrete and brick structure; repainting is not required. It is more economical and environmentally friendly.

Safe, Durable, and Reusable
Sandwich panels are lightweight and easy & safe to handle during construction. It can be easy to assemble and disassemble.

Sandwich panels can be used for various applications, from all kinds of pre-fabricated steel buildings, warehouses, walk-in cold storages, cleanrooms, farms, food processing plants and etc.

Benefit and Value
Compared with traditional construction, the sandwich panels are more economical in terms of labour, machines, time, maintenance cost, etc. It enables big saving in future operating costs.

Basic Specifications

Core Thickness40mm/60mm/100mm/120mm/200mm
Core MaterialsPUR foam
Core Density38~42kg/m3
Skin MaterialsPrepainted steel, Aluminum, Stainless steel, etc.
Skin Thickness0.1~2mm
Panel LengthAccording to the customers’ request
Panel WidthAccording to the customers’ request

Applications of PUR Sandwich Panels


PUR sandwich panels can provide excellent thermal insulation effects for the exterior walls and roofs of buildings.

Cold Rooms

Polyurethane foam is a common cold room insulation material. Using PUR sandwich panels to build cold storage can keep the interior at a low temperature and preserve goods for a long time.

Types of PUR Sandwich Panels

TOPOLO PUR sandwich Panels are in multiple varieties and specifications to meet the need of various sites and projects.

PUR Roof Panels
PUR Roof Panels

The PU sandwich panel chooses a high-quality two-layer color-coated steel sheet or other precision-forming metal surface material; After rolling forming, it will inject flame-retardant polyurethane bubble liquid in the middle space, through high-pressure foaming and curing process, with strong adhesion with the metal surface to compound and become beautiful, smooth, tough building panel.

PUR Wall Panels
PUR Wall Panels

Environmentally friendly and noise-proof, the sound insulation strength of the composite panel can reach 40-50 decibels, which is a very effective sound insulation material.

PUR COLD Room Panels
PUR Cold Room Panels

Polyurethane sandwich panel is the best heat insulation and energy-saving material recognized in the world today. It has been widely used in large industrial plants, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, cold storage, purification workshops, animal husbandry, edible fungi, and other industries.

TOPOLO – Expert in Composite Panel Manufacturing

Fully automated international advanced PUR sandwich panel production line, standardized production process, advanced management methods, high efficiency, and energy saving. TOPOLO exports building materials to Southeast Asia, Africa, America, Europe, and Middle Eastern countries, because of our trustable quality and service, all clients give a good reputation, and we will keep the highest level of service for all clients.

Choose Us to Serve Your Projects

β˜‘ International advanced production technology
TOPOLO is one of the few PUR/PIR products in China that uses pentane foaming and does not contain CFC free. The GWP value of pentane is only 11 and the ODP value is 0, while most manufacturers use The 141b GWP value as high as 660, the ODP value is as high as 0.11, and the 141b blowing agent has been eliminated.

β˜‘ High-quality closed-cell material
The closed-cell ratio of our products is uniform and can reach more than 95%. During the production process of the polyurethane sandwich panel, liquid foam is sprayed from a high-pressure gun head between two layers of steel sheets and then formed by lamination equipment. After the blowing agent in the foam is vaporized, closely connected closed cells are formed in the solid foam. Because of these small cells, the foam has good heat insulation and waterproof performance.

Polyurethane sandwich panels

β˜‘ Advanced sandwich panel testing equipment
A range of parameters can be tested in the company’s in-house laboratory to ensure high product quality, precision and long service life.