Basic Specifications

  • Total Thickness: Customized: 6.0~120mm.
  • Length: ≤12m.
  • Width: ≤2.8m.
  • Wood Grain Film: PVC/PP/PET film.
  • Top Layer: Wood Grain Film + CFRT Sheet. (Customized: 0.7~2.0mm)
  • Core Layer: 80kg/m³ PP(polypropylene) honeycomb. (Customized 60~160kg/m³)
  • Bottom Layer: CFRT Sheet. (Customized: 0.7~2.0mm)


Wood grain PP honeycomb panels can be a good substitute for solid wood boards, and at the same time, they are lighter, more durable, and better waterproof. The pattern of wood grain film is changeable and optional.

Product Advantages

  • The structure is stable without delamination or deformation.
  • Waterproof and easy to clean.
  • Lightweight, strong and durable.
  • The surface is scratch-resistant and not easily damaged.
  • The wood grain film keeps its bright color for a long time and is not easy to fade.


Decorative wall panels for RVs, mobile homes, campers, and more.