Basic Specifications

  • Total Thickness: 25mm. (Customized: 6.0~120mm)
  • Length: ≤12m.
  • Width: ≤2.8m.
  • Color: Black.
  • Top Layer: 0.7mm Black CFRT sheet. (Customized: 0.7~2.0mm)
  • Core Layer: 100kg/m³ PP(polypropylene) honeycomb. (Customized 60~160kg/m³)
  • Bottom Layer: 0.7mm Black CFRT sheet. (Customized: 0.7~2.0mm)
  • Area Weight: 4.96kg/m².


Building formwork, sometimes also called a shuttering panel, is a flexible mold for various shapes of construction projects. It helps the core material to form its specific shape and is supposed to be easy to install and remove. The whole formwork mainly consists of two parts, a structural mold and a supporting system (including connection parts). PP honeycomb panels mainly work in the former part. Fiberglass polypropylene honeycomb formwork panels are lightweight. In replacing the material of building formworks, they naturally avoid heavy structures like aluminum and wood. Combined with TOPOLO technology of composite panels, these formworks become strong as well. The strength can reach more than 5000MPa, no less than traditional metal products.

Products Features

  • Lightweight and high strength.
  • Easy to transport and handle.
  • No release agent required.
  • Polypropylene does not swell.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Service life up to 100 times.