Product Structure

• Surface Material: Non-woven
• Core Material: Polypropylene Honeycomb Core
• Back Material: Non-woven

Basic Specifications

• Length: Max 12m
• Width: Max 3.2m
•Non-woven Thickness: 0.2mm~2mm
• Honeycomb Core Thickness: 3mm~60mm
• Core Density: 60~160kg/m3


The surface of the honeycomb core material with non-woven fabric is suitable for bonding a variety of surface materials, and then various types of lightweight and high-strength sandwich panels can be produced. A layer of adhesive film can also be covered between the non-woven fabric and the honeycomb core, which can effectively avoid glue leakage. Such products can be widely used in vans, construction, outdoor furniture, industrial products, packaging, interior decoration and other fields.