Basic Specifications
• Thickness: 2.5mm
• Width: 3.2m
• Surface: High-gloss Gel-coat
• Color: Grey, White, Amber (RAL series available)



This product is mainly used in caravan wall panels. The application of high-quality gel coat makes the surface of the sheet smooth and has a good aesthetic effect. The surface color of the sheet can be selected from RAL series.

Materials Features

• High gloss
• Lightweight
• High strength
• Recyclable and odorless


FRP is taking the place of traditional metal materials in RV body panels. Its lightweight and high strength features make it popular in many fields of RV building.

Exterior Sidewalls
FRP panels in TOPOLO can be tailored into an extremely strong version resistant to weathering. Various films can be chosen to add to the panel skin for further protection.

Roof Panels
For RV campers and caravan roof, TOPOLO FRP panels are able to bend around the radius that is created where the sidewall and roof meet. The connecting parts are seamless with no leak.

•  Interior Panels
TOPOLO composite panels for RV interiors are moisture-resistant and easy to clean. The high gloss version make the panel light and beautiful. You can also choose various colors for the panel skin.