Oil and gas pipes differ in many aspects. For different materials, different delivery stages, and different sectors of upstream, midstream, or downstream, we use different pipes.

Gathering Pipes

Gathering pipes are used to deliver oil and gas products from the source to processing plants or storage tanks. Typical materials carried by gathering pipes are usually natural gas and crude oil.

Gathering pipes are comparatively short and much smaller than transmission pipes. The longest diameter we can see today is around 20’’.

Transmission Pipes

Transmission pipes are used to transport crude oil, natural gas, and refined products for long-distance. They are used to move the product from the production regions to distribution centers. They often have large diameters.

Transmission pipes operate at high pressures, with each transmission line using compressor stations for gas lines and pump stations for crude oil and liquid products.

Distribution Pipes

Distribution pipes are used to deliver natural gas to the neighborhoods of homes and businesses. Materials in these pipes are often steel, cast iron, plastic, and copper.


The purpose of flowlines is to move the raw product from the wellhead to the gathering lines. They carry a mixture of oil, gas, water, and sand.

Feeder Pipes

Feeder pipes are used to move the product from processing facilities and storage tanks to the long-distance transmission pipelines.  The product maybe crude oil, natural gas, or natural gas liquids. These pipes are typically 6 to 12” in diameter.

How to protect these oil and gas pipelines?

Pipes need to be protected and reinforced for higher properties and a longer lifespan. Especially for pipes working in deep offshore conditions, reinforced pipes are indispensable, where traditional material no longer stands.

Both domestic and international pipe manufacturers begin to adopt various materials, mainly new composite materials, as the reinforcement of their oil and gas pipelines.

In TOPOLO we produce GPE700/800 series UD tape, a kind of continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic UD tape. It provides high strength and protection for oil and gas pipes. The tensile strength can reach 800-900Mpa with 65%-70% glass fiber content. It can be used as reinforcement for various pipes mentioned above, especially for plastic pipes. The pipeline reinforced by UD tapes is called reinforced thermoplastic composite pipes (TCP). The thinner the material is, the higher the property it can achieve. The thickness of TOPOLO glass-fiber-reinforced UD tapes is 0.3mm for GPE700 and 0.25mm for GPE800.

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