PC Honeycomb Core manufacturer in China

PC (Polycarbonate) honeycomb structure is a special three-dimensional structure, so it is more stable and balanced than other two-dimensional honeycomb structures. The PC honeycomb core is closely fitted, provides excellent compressive strength, and is widely used in different fields.

What is the difference between PP and PC materials?

The wear resistance of PP material is better, but the impact resistance and transparency are poor. The wear resistance of PC material is poor, but the impact resistance and transparency are better, so the flexibility of PC material will be better than that of PP material. The PC material may be slightly dented when impacted, but the PP material may crack.

PC Honeycomb Core Parameter

  • Color: transparent, white, grey, customizable
  • Density: 80 to 180 (kg/m3)
  • Compressive Strength: 1.4MPa to 2.4MPa
  • Shearing Strength: 0.5MPa to 0.6MPa
  • Honeycomb Diameter: Ο†3.5mm to Ο†10.0mm
  • Size & Thickness (mm): 1500β˜“3000, 1.0-400, both customizable
  • Effective Temperature: -40℃ to +130℃
  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.061(W/mK, 10℃)

Air Permeable

  • Used in refrigerators, the PC honeycomb core allows airflow more fluently and reduces the noise.
  • Uneasy to frost in cold and moist conditions, the honeycomb cells can fairly distribute the airflow and allow the flow of a longer distance.
  • Unified honeycomb cell, smooth cell wall, clean and flat surface, odorless, and non-toxic.
TOPOLO Air Permeable PC Honeycomb Core

Strong & Lightweight

Honeycomb core can be designed at a high cell rate that is lightweight and yet high in compression strength. Compared with a foam core, the high strength to weight ratio of honeycomb is obvious.


  • Purifying Air

Application: Air Purifier
Advantages: light weight and high strength, anti-corrosion, easy to install.

  • Light Truck

Application: Box body
Advantages: light weight and high strength, energy absorption, easy to process and install, recyclable.

  • RVs

Application: Wall panel, floor
Advantages: light weight, easy to move, corrosion resistance, long life.

  • Yacht

Application: Decks and buildings above them.
Advantages: waterproof, moisture-proof, easy to install, corrosion-resistant.

  • Kitchen

Application: Countertops, Cabinets
Advantages: waterproof, non-toxic, corrosion-resistant.

  • Building

Applications: Walls, Roofs, Floors,Doors.
Advantages: Light weight, effectively reduce the overall weight of the building, UV resistant.