PC Honeycomb Core

PC (Polycarbonate) honeycomb structure is a special three-dimensional structure, so it is more stable and balanced than other two-dimensional honeycomb structures. The PC honeycomb core is closely fitted, provides excellent compressive strength, and is widely used in different fields.

PC Honeycomb Core parameter

  • Color: transparent, white, grey, customizable
  • Density: 80 to 180 (kg/m3)
  • Compressive Strength: 1.4MPa to 2.4MPa
  • Shearing Strength: 0.5MPa to 0.6MPa
  • Honeycomb Diameter: φ3.5mm to φ10.0mm
  • Size & Thickness (mm): 1500☓3000, 1.0-400, both customizable
  • Effective Temperature: -40℃ to +130℃
  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.061(W/mK, 10℃)

Air Permeable

  • Used in refrigerators, the PC honeycomb core allows airflow more fluently and reduces the noise.
  • Uneasy to frost in cold and moist conditions, the honeycomb cells can fairly distribute the airflow and allow the flow of a longer distance.
  • Unified honeycomb cell, smooth cell wall, clean and flat surface, odorless, and non-toxic.

Strong & Lightweight

Honeycomb core can be designed at a high cell rate that is lightweight and yet high in compression strength. Compared with a foam core, the high strength to weight ratio of honeycomb is obvious.


  • Indoor partition, product display panel, advertising sign panel.
  • Prefabricated houses, pet houses.
  • RV, vehicle body, container house, boat.
  • Construction formwork.

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