Off-Road Trailers

Off-road trailers are very popular means of transportation in the countryside or for wild travel adventures. In order to cope with the harsh natural environment in the wild, the body of the off-road RV must be strong and durable to ensure that the body will not fall apart when bumping into complex road conditions, and it can resist wind, rain, and sun exposure. At the same time, the body must be kept within a certain weight range, thereby reducing fuel consumption. And comfort is also one of the factors that must be considered.

TOPOLO provides a series of solutions for off-road trailers, including CKD services such as body design, material selection, fabrication, packaging, and transportation.

Body Design

TOPOLO designs the body model that meets the actual needs according to your project or makes corresponding adjustments according to the design scheme provided by the customer.

Dimension:4.2m*2.3m*2.3m; 5.65m*2.3*2.3m; or custom.

Off-Road Trailer Body Solution

Material Selection

The material selection of the off-road trailer is very important, and the materials provided by TOPOLO can meet your different application requirements. For example, XPS/PU sandwich composite panels can be selected for materials that need better thermal insulation performance, PP honeycomb sandwich composite panels can be selected for lighter materials, and PET/PVC sandwich composite panels can be selected for stronger materials. It is of course also possible to combine these materials together.

The following are the commonly used RV composite materials we provide:

Processing & Fabrication

Embedded Frame Reinforcement Structure
The embedded frame can make the body structure stronger, and the frame material can choose the aluminum tube, FRP tube, wood, and so on.
CNC Cutting
High-efficiency CNC cutting machine can quickly cut out the position of doors and windows on the panel.
Polished Surface
Manually remove the defects that cannot be processed by the machine to make the surface of the panel look smoother.

Packaging & Transportation

The packaging of CKD off-road trailers is an important factor in whether they can reach their destination safely. Irresponsible packaging will cause damage to the goods during transportation, such as being crushed by heavy objects, scratched by sharp objects, and damp due to rain, seawater, or chemicals.

Off-Road Trailer Body Panel Packaging Design Solution
Panel Packaging Design Solution

TOPOLO pays special attention to product packaging. We will design a packaging and transportation plan for each batch of CKD RVs to ensure the safety of product transportation, save transportation space, and reduce customer transportation costs.

Off-Road RV Body Panel Packaging
Off-Road RV Body Panel Packaging

Customer Case

MaterialXPS foam sandwich panel
Side/Roof PanelCore: 65mm XPS foam
Skin: 2mm Gelcoat FRP sheet
Floor PanelCore: 50mm XPS foam
Surface Skin: 2mm floor leather
Back Skin: FRP sheet
Corner WrappingAluminum profile