TOPOLO Mobile Toilet Trailer Panel

With the growing population, city streets are becoming more crowded. Citizens are looking for a comfortable and convenient toilet eagerly during their busy work. Meanwhile, communities are also asked to keep clean and tidy.

The birth of mobile toilet trailers was expected to meet the demand of both parts. Now it has been, and yet the trailers need further improvement.

The birth of composite sandwich panels, as a result, can realize these improvements.

PP honeycomb panels can be used in the inner partition walls for high strength and lightweight.

XPS and PU foam panels are optional for thermal insulation where warm toilets are a must, especially in some cold areas and seasons.

Nonslip sheets are also needed for the floor panel since the toilet floor is often wet and easy wrestling.

All these can be reached by the mobile toilet trailer panels in TOPOLO. And additionally, you can choose different skins for panels in various parts. For example, we have FRP skin with colorful paints and protection films. You can also try our new product, CFRT panel skin. It is reinforced with continuous fiber that has stronger impact resistance.

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