LEFV stands for light electric freight vehicle and within the 2-year project LEFV-LOGIC, we carry out research on the use of these vehicles for city logistics. We also connect this to education.

“This implies that students can participate in research through an internship or graduation project.”

In cooperation with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, we have started several research projects.

“For example on construction logistics, as we would like to play a role in this sector.”

“Our role within LEFV-LOGIC is that we, as a manufacturer of electric transportation bikes contribute with knowledge and experiences but also with production possibilities to actually realize the vehicles in the end.”

What we currently see, is that there are many diesel vehicles that enter the city, with all kinds of things.

“A van is restricted to time windows when entering the city. With a cargo bike, you can enter the smallest streets of the city at all times.”

In total, there are about 30 organizations that entered this project.

“The universities work together with public and private partners to develop knowledge on LEFV and disseminate this knowledge.”

“Every open region across the world faces the same challenges, and if we as a city can play an exemplary role, then this offers an economic advantage for Amsterdam: we can export the generated knowledge. It comes down to a joint effort to develop the most optimal electric freight vehicle.”

“What we want to create is a hub function where we collect goods for different parties which we then deliver in the city with electric vehicles.”

The bike is emission-free, fast, and quiet and, on top of that, also healthier for you.

“The goal is to develop more knowledge on how the light electric vehicles can be used for city distribution so that in 2025 we have more of these vehicles in the city.”

Light Electric Freight Vehicles in Amsterdam 2

Composite Panels in LEFV

A composite sandwich panel is an ideal material in the car body of LEFV. Panel cores like XPS and PET foam can keep the temperature inside and greatly reduce the total weight. Just like LEFV cuts the size of city logistics, composite panel cuts the weight of LEFV. Meanwhile, it also keeps high strength.

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