The popularity of transport vehicles with temperature-controlled features is growing every year. While the larger refrigerated trucks have been used by businesses for decades, many companies do not have a need for that volume or size vehicle.

Fortunately, there’s a vehicle called a fridge van (also a refrigerated van). It serves the same purpose on a much smaller scale. It is perfect for smaller businesses or temporary use when transporting anything from produce and perishable foods to pharmaceuticals and flowers. If you find your need for a refrigerated mode of transportation is becoming more common, then having immediate access to a fridge van for your business may be just what you are looking for.

Insulation Panel for Fridge Van
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Fridge Van Features

  • More Than Food Transportation

While fridge vans have always been used by caterers for food transport, these temperature-controlled vans provide versatility for a variety of other businesses and products that require specific climates to prevent contamination or spoilage. They carry goods ranging from pharmaceutical supplies and nutritional supplements to food, perfumes, and cosmetics.

  • Protect the Goods Yourself

When you have your own fridge van, it allows you to take control of the delivery and care of your products rather than hiring freight companies. This puts you in charge of knowing how products are handled, ensuring the protection from spoilage of produce, contamination of products or wilting of flowers, etc., whatever your business may be.

  • Flexibility of Time

In lieu of hiring a company for goods transport, a fridge van of your own allows you the flexibility of time to work with your schedule or that of your staff. Not only is this an advantage for you, but it enables you to provide better customer service to clients by accommodating their schedules.

  • Consistent Temperature

Due to FDA regulations on so many consumer products, safe transportation, and consistent temperature is a must for staying in compliance. The fridge van gives the driver full control of the thermostat and it also has an overnight standby mode for maintaining climate control over long distances.

  • Versatility for Delivery Services

The fridge van offers versatility for multiple industries. With the ability to manually control the temperature in these vehicles, your business can deliver a variety of products and still meet FDA regulations.

TOPOLO Fridge Van Panel

We focus on the panels and other parts of your fridge vans, including inner wall panels, interior liners, etc.

TOPOLO XPS and PU foam core sandwich panels (often with FRP skin) can provide excellent thermal insulation for the van body.

TOPOLO CFRT sheets (composite thermoplastic laminates) are specially designed for interior liners of refrigerated vehicles.

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