toy hauler motorhome

A toy hauler is a type of RV featuring a “garage” in the rear with a large ramp-door for access. Most commonly, toy haulers are fifth wheel or travel trailers, though some motor homes are also called toy hauler motor home.

How TOPOLO Sandwich Panels Contribute to Toy Haulers

The greatest contribution is lightweight. We know that the ramp door is for the quick loading of toys. Actually not only toys but also anything you want to carry, including commodities. Generally, toy hauler motor homes are heavier than a comparable non-toy hauler due to the construction and features added to make them carry the additional weight of toys. Parts like axles, ramp door, and garage floor have to be strong enough and heavy-duty. Does it mean lightweight is impossible for toy hauler bodies?

Nothing is absolutely true or false. TOPOLO sandwich panels are both strong and lightweight. You can try our thermoplastic composites on door panels and floor panels. Contact our specialty teams on any difficulties with lightweight toy hauler motor homes.

small toy hauler

Body panels in toy haulers, in another aspect, should be “strong” in smell insulation. Many toy haulers have a solid wall (with a door) separating the garage area from the living quarters. This solid wall is frequently referred to as a “vapor wall” since its purpose is to reduce fumes from fuel spills caused by motorized toys or fuel cans from entering the sleeping and living area of the towable RV. This is also a critical demand for floor and wall panels in such vehicles.

TOPOLO can provide various panels with high insulation performance. We have PU, PVC, XPS foam, and CFRT/FRP/Plywood skin for you to choose from. Sizes and thicknesses are also customizable for your specific needs. Please contact us for all-around solutions.

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