More and more vehicle materials are changed from metals to plastics for lightweight. Is the strength also decreased? Actually not. Various composites can be added as reinforcement to provide strength for car parts like truck bodies and cargo boxes. One of the most used materials is glass fiber. It is stronger than many other kinds of reinforcement due to the L/D draw ratio.

How to Increase the Rigidity of Vehicle Panels 1

Materials like calcium carbonate are similar to a ball shape, while talcum usually appears under blocks. Their draw ratio is limited so that confines the reinforcing efficiency. In contrast, glass fiber performs high modulus due to its high L/D.

How to Increase the Rigidity of Vehicle Panels 2-1

More than 50 draw ratio makes the fiber super suitable in the vehicle reinforcement. It is widely used in truck body parts and panels, trailer floors, and wall panels.

In the next part, we will have a look at the density choice of glass fiber panels.

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