The steel frame of a reefer truck was torn.

It’s found that the break was caused not by the connection problem, but by the glass fiber skin. The skin was torn like a paper along the force direction.

The skin of the container panel is made of glass fiber. It is a kind of short fiber that transfers friction to the resin when subjected to an external force. Then the resin transfers the friction to its surrounding fiber, which causes the break of the panel. So the performance of the fiber skin is decided by the resin.

The steel frame of a reefer truck was torn
How to Choose Your Sandwich Panel

The composite skin – CFRT in TOPOLO is a new material that uses continuous fiber. The advantages include:

  1. Continuous fiber (the fiber length meet the component length)
  2. Up to 70% fiber content
  3. Recyclable resin (PA, PA6, PPS)
  4. Multi cross-ply lamination and thermo-forming (0°/90°/0°/90°/0°/90°lamination available)
  5. High strength (1.2mm CFRT panels are as strong as traditional 2mm glass fiber ones)
  6. Lightweight (panel density 1.4)
  7. Easy connecting (adhesive to heated resin of same material)
  8. No odor, no thermo-set resin, and glue-free
CFRT VS short fiber
Difference between short fibers and CFRT continuous fibers
CFRT section
CFRT Section

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