EV is the future of transportation. It is also inevitable for electric vehicles to use lightweight composite materials.

After the presidential transition in the USA, Biden is setting out to a proud agenda about climate change, aiming at the investment in clean energy, and the replacement of ICE by pure EV. Policies encouraging EV consumption also involve the installation of 550 thousand charging stations all over the states.

Not only Biden but also Johnson, the president of the British, issued a series of bans on gasoline and diesel vehicles. In Asia, both China and Japan are improving the sales target of hybrid and electric vehicles.


“We must wave away the concept that composite is nothing but lightweight, as soon as possible!”

Composite Panels in EV

Composite Panels in EV

It is high time for the whole world to develop hybrid and zero-emission vehicles. It is also a good opportunity for lightweight materials!

For example, the driving range of most EVs on the previous market is at 250-400 miles (400-640 kilometers). The problem is the heavy battery. Adding driving miles means adding weight. This is where composite works!

Composite battery tray not only reduces the weight, but also meets the needs in fireproof, thermal insulation, and electronics.

In TOPOLO we have honeycomb and foam panels for battery tray, including doors, engine hoods, and other key parts in vehicles. They are all lightweight with high strength.

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