Honeycomb Panels for RV

FRP honeycomb panel is one of the ideal materials for RV

Fiberglass honeycomb panels are lightweight and high-strength. RV wall panels made with it are less likely to dent, peel or fade. At present, most of the honeycomb panel materials are PP core materials. PP honeycomb panels are formed into three-layer sandwich panels at one time by extrusion, which reduces a lot of production costs compared to traditional aluminum honeycomb panels.


● Sandwich Core: PP/PC honeycomb core.
● Panel thickness: 8mm~50mm.
● Panel width: 100mm~2700mm.
● Color: regular natural color and black, other colors can be customized.
● Surface effect: It can be attached with anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging films, as well as non-woven fabrics and decorative films.

Fiberglass Honeycomb Panels for Teardrop

A teardrop camper is a small, towable camper that is shaped like a sloping teardrop. It’s relatively lightweight and compact, and the Teardrop Camper is ideal for one or two campers. Even the smallest model can sleep two people in relative comfort, and because they are lightweight, they use far less gas than their full-size counterparts.

To achieve lighter weight and maintain a certain strength, the traditional wood material is too bulky, and the aluminum plate is easily deformed, so the glass fiber honeycomb panel is the best choice, which perfectly solves these problems. Fiberglass honeycomb panels on teardrop RVs are mainly used for floors, and side panels. It can also composite aluminum, and wood again.