Hard shell rooftop tent manufacturer in China

When you have a roof tent, you are not restricted by travel arrangements, you can set up camp anytime and anywhere, you don’t have to look for hotels everywhere, and you can save a lot of accommodation costs. It keeps you off the ground from some unwanted distractions. Roof tents are available in hard shell and soft shell, with the former having some distinct advantages over the latter.

Why Choose a Hard Shell Rooftop Tent?

  • Better insulation: They insulate much better than softshell tents, which means they maintain a more comfortable temperature and because of the lower amount of fabric used, they sleep more quietly, especially in In windy conditions.
  • Stronger and more durable: Hard-shell roof tents are typically made of a sturdy material like aluminum or ABS plastic, which is better at keeping out wind and rain when used as a canopy. Due to their stronger construction, they generally last longer than soft cases.
  • Easier to Install: It is easier to set up and store a hard shell roof tent, even in bad weather, it can be done by one person.

Customize Your Hard Shell Rooftop Tent

The new type of hard-shell rooftop tent developed by TOPOLO-RV adopts a foldable automatic lifting design, abandons textiles in materials, uses thicker and heat-resistant sandwich insulation panels, and uses high-strength aluminum alloy for the frame. It can be used as a mini RV to a certain extent.

Hard Shell Rooftop Tent

Standard Configuration

  • Folded size: 2200x1300mm x168mm.
  • Raised internal size: 19001200950mm.
  • Weight: ≥105KG.
  • Box board: Rigid sandwich insulation board.
  • Frame: High-strength aluminum alloy.
  • Interior: Leather upholstery + LED ambient light
  • Lifting method: Remote control electric.
  • Doors: Front and rear doors.
  • Windows: Front window + rear window + side window x2.
  • Bedding: Special mattress.
  • Ladder: Folding ladder.
  • Power source: Portable power bank.

Optional Configuration

  • Side tent: Manual/automatic roll-up soft shell side tent.
  • Heater: Integrated diesel heater (with diesel tank)
  • Air conditioner: Portable all-in-one air conditioner (requires self-provided mobile power supply with more than 2 degrees of electricity).
  • Spotlight: 40 inch 200W single row spotlight.
  • Roof luggage frame: 2.2*1.3M aluminum alloy.
  • Solar panel: 200W (with skylight), 300W (without skylight)
  • Sunroof.
  • Applique.

More Applications