Foam Core RV Panels Manufacturer

TOPOLO foam core RV panels are composed of closed-cell foam core material and fiberglass/aluminum sheets, and the core material and skin are laminated together with high-quality adhesive. foam core sandwich panels have become trending in the RV manufacturing industry, replacing traditional plywood materials in many areas.

Basic Structure

Facing Sheets:
Thermoset Fiberglass sheet (FRP);
Thermoplastic Fiberglass sheet (CFRT);
Aluminum alloy sheet.

Core Materials:
XPS (Extruded Polystyrene);
PU (Polyurethane);
PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate);
PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride);
MPP (Microcellular Polypropylene);
EPP (Expanded polypropylene).

Basic Structure of Foam Core RV Panels

Application of Foam Core Sandwich Panels in RVs

Foam Core RV Panels
RV Wall Siding Panels
Foam Core RV Panels
RV Floors

Advantages of Foam Core Composite Panels for RVs

  • Thermal insulation: TOPOLO RV foam core sandwich panels use high-quality closed-cell rigid foam core material. The thermal conductivity of closed-cell foam is very low, which can effectively ensure the temperature inside the RV is within a constant range.
  • Waterproof & moisture-proof: The closed-cell foam core has a very low water absorption rate and does not absorb water. It can effectively prevent external water vapor from entering the interior of the RV.
  • Lightweight & high strength: The density of the foam core is generally low. For example, the density of the commonly used foam board XPS and PU is between 35~50kg/m³, which is much lower than that of plywood; at the same time, fiberglass or aluminum alloy can give it higher impact resistance performance.


ThicknessSkin: 0.7~3mm; Core: 10~150mm
Core Density30~300kg/m³
SkinFRP Sheet, CFRT Sheet, Aluminum Sheet
Core MaterialXPS/PET/PU/PVC/EPP/MPP Foam
ProcessingCNC machining, Pre-embedded frame structure

Typical RV Foam Core Panels

Outstanding TOPOLO RV Foam Core Panels

TOPOLO adopts advanced composite panel processing technology, which is different from traditional inefficient manual processing. We adopt advanced automated one-piece molding processing technology and CNC machining, which is more efficient, more accurate, more personalized, and lowers costs.

One-piece Molding Processing
The maximum size of one-piece composite panel can reach 12m in length and 3.2m in width.
CNC Machining
Quickly cut, drill, and mill foam sandwich panels.
Embedded Frame
Steel tubes, aluminum tubes, plastic tubes, and timber can be embedded inside the panel.
TOPOLOGY has extensive experience with syntactic foam core sandwich panels. We offer a range of solutions for your RV project, and our products can be designed to meet your specific requirements.