Aluminum flatbed truck body

A flatbed truck (or flatbed lorry in British) is a type of truck that can be either articulated or rigid. As the name suggests, its bodywork is just an entirely flat, level ‘bed’ with no sides or roof. This allows for quick and easy loading of goods, and consequently, they are used to transport heavy loads that are not delicate or vulnerable to rain, and also for abnormal loads that require more space than is available on a closed body.

There are multiple benefits to using flatbed trucks for hauling.

  • A flatbed “gives you the freedom to ship whatever you want.”
  • Easy access: Material loading/unloading is easy as it can be done from any angle.
  • There are no spatial restrictions. Unlike a four-walled truck, a flatbed is forgiving. Also, cargo can go over the edges, though safety limitations apply.
  • Unlike in a four-walled truck, shipping material can easily be strapped down and secured.
Customize Your Flatbed Truck Body in TOPOLO

Why Choose Aluminum Flatbed Truck Body?

The aluminum alloy flatbed car body is light and strong, the structure is simple, and the mass production cost is greatly reduced. It is even more widely used on pickup trucks that do not require very high carrying tonnage. At the same time, the aluminum material can be completely recycled after the end of the use mission.

Customize Your Flatbed Truck Body in TOPOLO

Basic Specifications

Aluminum Alloy6063, 6051, 6061, 5083, 5052, 5056, 7005, etc
Surface TreatmentClear anodized, hard anodized, powder coating, polishing, painting, etc.
Regular Specification
(Customized on demand)
1855mm(w)×880mm(H)× 1880mm(L)
1855mm(w)×880mm(H)× 2180mm(L)
1855mm(w)×880mm(H)× 2330mm(L)
1855mm(w)×880mm(H)× 2480mm(L)
1855mm(w)×880mm(H)× 2630mm(L)
Basic Parts1. Side Panel
2. Head Panel
3. Rear Panel
4. Floor
5. Mesh
Optional Accessories1. Mesh
2. Hinge
3. Chassis
4. Mudguard