The fiberglass truck body is lighter and stronger than the general metal body, and the body for different purposes uses fiberglass composite panels of different materials. TOPOLO supplies fiberglass composite panels with foam and honeycomb cores for truck bodies.

The Advantages of Fiberglass Truck Body

  • Light in weight: 40% lighter than metal body.
  • It is good for strength and long life.
  • Non-corrosion, non-pollution, anti-brine, acid, and soda-resisting
  • The panel used for the truck body was constructed in a type of sandwich, for higher impact and compression strength.

About Truck Body Panel Materials

Refrigerated truck bodies mostly use XPS (extruded polystyrene), and PU (Polyurethane) foam as the core material, and dry freight trucks mostly use PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) foam or PP (Polypropylene) honeycomb panels.

Fiberglass XPS Foam Sandwich Panel
Fiberglass XPS Foam Sandwich Panel
Fiberglass PU Foam Sandwich Panel
Fiberglass PU Foam Sandwich Panel
Fiberglass PET Foam Sandwich Panel
Fiberglass PET Foam Sandwich Panel
Fiberglass PP Honeycomb Sandwich Panel
Fiberglass PP Honeycomb Sandwich Panel

Common Van Truck Specifications

4.2*1.9*1.92 15
9.6*2.4*2.7 (Rear 4 wheels)1660
9.6*2.4*2.7 (Rear 8 wheels)1860

TOPOLO customizes bodies for all types of trucks, such as caravans, semi-trailers, refrigerated box trucks, dry cargo vans, mobile food trucks, and more. These bodies use fiberglass composite panels.

Mobile Cold Storage Fiberglass Truck Body
Mobile cold storage
Mobile Food Trailer Fiberglass Truck Body
Mobile food trailer
Refrigerated-truck Fiberglass Truck Body
Refrigerated truck
Cold Room Fiberglass Truck Body
Cold room
Dry Cargo Van Fiberglass Truck Body
Dry cargo van
Fiberglass Caravan Body

What accessories do we support?

Recessed load lock rail: to lock the goods to reduce the wiggle
Air conditioner: integrated or independent AC (optional)
Side door: easy loading/unloading
Kick plate: to protect the box
Meat hook: convenient for meat carriage
PVC curtain: thermal insulation
Built-in lock: good-looking and space-saving
Hinge: SS304 steel
Lamps: additional light inside the box
Bumper: for door open protection
Clearance lamps & reflective tapes: safe for driving in lightless areas
Ventilation Slots: promoting airflow and temperature balance within the truck body