EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam board is a lightweight rigid closed-cell foam. It is made of polystyrene particles containing volatile liquid foaming agents through pre-expansion, curing, molding, drying, and cutting. It can not only be made into foam products of different densities and shapes, but also foam boards of various thicknesses. EPS sandwich panels are widely used in construction, heat preservation, packaging, refrigeration, and other fields. At present, it is mainly used for wall insulation.

Physical Properties of EPS Foam Board

  • Density: 10~45kg/m3
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.024~0.041W/m.K
  • Operating temperature: Max 95°C
  • Incombustibility: A1-Class
  • Fire-proof rating: 180 minutes
  • Water Content: ≤10%
  • Water absorption: ≤30%
  • Bending strength: ≥12-18 Mpa
  • Bulking factor: <0.25%
  • Dry shrinking rate: <0.09%
  • Shock strength: ≥2.0Kj/m2

Features and Advantages of EPS Sandwich Panels

  • EPS wall panel is colorful and good-looking, as well as lightweight and quick to install.
  • The skins are color-painted steel sheets, and the core is self-extinguishing EPS foam.
  • The core and skin are combined with high-temperature adhesives. After compression, heating, trimming, and notching, the final product is completed.
  • EPS foam panel is good at heat insulation and fireproof, suitable for the walls, partitions, and additional layers of office buildings, stadiums, halls, factories, waiting rooms, and activity rooms.

Basic Specifications of EPS Sandwich Panels

Core MaterialsEPS foam board
Surface MaterialsPrepainted steel, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel
Core density60/80/100/120 kg/m³ 
Surface Thickness0.4~2.0mm

Applications of EPS Sandwich Panels

EPS sandwich panels are intended for applications in various kinds of buildings: industrial, commercial, and housing. During production, TOPOLO EPS cored panels are formed out by external and internal metal facings, which are profiled into a desired shape.

EPS Wall Panels
EPS Roof Panels

EPS Sandwich Panel Buildings

EPS Sandwich Panels in TOPOLO

TOPOLO provides lightweight and thermal insulation solutions for your buildings. The width, thickness, and shape of EPS sandwich panels can be customized.