EPP Foam Sandwich Panels Manufacturer in China

EPP (Expanded polypropylene) foam sandwich panel is a 3-layer structural composite panel with two layers of skin material bonded to a layer of EPP foam core. Its skin material is diverse, you can choose FRP sheet, aluminum sheet, steel sheet, plastic sheet, plywood and so on. These composite materials can meet different product production needs. Among them, FRP composite sandwich panel is undoubtedly the most representative product.

Advantages of EPP Foam Boards

  • EPP is good at elasticity, impact resistance, thickness retention and long-term use. Good elasticity means that the material does not break easily, ensuring the effect and integrity of the floor insulation and sound insulation project.
  • Besides thermal and sound insulation, the environmental protective property of EPP is also unavailable in other materials. As an indoor building material, EPP meets the high requirement for environmental protection. It is non-toxic and incombustible, ensuring indoor safety.


TypeEPP Foam Core Ssandwich Panels
SkinFiberglass sheet(FRP/CFRT), Aluminum sheet, Ateel sheet, Plastic sheet, Plywood, etc.
CoreExpanded polypropylene foam
Core Density18~30kg/m3
ThicknessSkin: 0.7mm~5mm
Core: 10mm~300mm
Custom-MadeEmbedded Tube/Plate, CNC service

Fiberglass EPP Foam Sandwich Panels

EPP foam is a closed-cell bead foam that provides a unique range of properties, including outstanding energy absorption, multiple impact resistance, thermal insulation, buoyancy, and water & chemical resistance. TOPOLO T-SW series fiberglass EPP foam sandwich panel features a high strength-to-weight ratio and 100% recyclability.

TOPOLO Fiberglass EPP Foam Sandwich Panels

Composite Reinforcement Structure

The inner and outer sides of the EPP sandwich panel are FRP sheets, and the core layer is expanded polystyrene foam, which is compounded by vacuum technology under high pressure. The surface of the FRP sheet has a layer of gel coat with excellent performance, which is corrosion-resistant, anti-ultraviolet, and has good chemical stability to the atmosphere, water and general concentrations of acids, alkalis, salts and other media, so the surface of the sandwich panel is smooth and clean, and dirt can be easily removed without discoloration.

Fiberglass EPP Foam Sandwich Panel Layer Structure Diagram


The low density of EPP foam enables the composite panel with ultra-high strength-to-density ratio, making it become one of the ideal materials for lightweight solutions.

Application of Fiberglass EPP Foam Sandwich Panels

RVs: Alternative to traditional metal composite panels.
Trucks: Siding panel for refrigerated and dry freight trucks.
Buildings: Used as interior and exterior wall panels and roof panels.