A dry freight truck, or dry van trailer, is usually a small truck with a container mounted behind its cab chassis to transport goods. They are often used to carry small goods for home delivery and courier service. To keep the stability and durability of the transportation, the containers (truck bodies) are required to be solid and tough, while they cannot be too heavy. This is really a challenge to the materials of the van box (body panels).

Traditionally, aluminum seems to be the best choice among metals. For example, it can withstand 5 times the impact of steel without failing. It’s also quite lighter than other metals.Actually, the material of dry freight body panels can be further improved by composites if less weight and more strength are demanded.The composite honeycomb sandwich panel is one of the ideal choices for truck body panels.

Features of TOPOLO Dry Freight Body Panels

  • Enhanced durability, stiffness, and strength.
  • Lightweight and cost-saving.
  • Quick and easy to assemble.
  • Moisture resistance throughout the panel, not just on the surface.
  • Seamless, fastener-free lamination improving aerodynamics and increasing fuel efficiency.
Composite Container for Dry Freight Truck Body

Customized Service

Additionally, you can also use PVC foam panels for your dry van trailer body. These panels can be supplied in raw materials like thermoplastic composite sheets and cut into profiles in different sizes. TOPOLO experienced team can help you in choosing the most suitable honeycomb sandwich panels for your dry freight truck body.

Thermoplastic Panel Container for Dry Freight Body