The technological development of car components is driven by several factors including standardization, intelligence, lightweight, and cleanness of components. Today let’s focus on the lightweight trends, which involve the use of a new material: composite material.

The lightweight solution is to optimize the comprehensive driving experience by improving the security, comfort crashworthiness of the whole car while reducing its weight. It’s estimated that by reducing the total weight by 10%, the fuel consumption can immediately save 6%-8% (0.3L-0.6L per 100km) and the CO emission will be 5-8kg less.

Due to the lightweight and high property, carbon fiber stands out as a star of new composite material. In the domestic market, the Ariza 7 series carbon fiber hybrid vehicle has adopted carbon fiber composite material to reduce weight by as much as 40%-60%. Another example is Future K50 series, whose doors, roof, engine covers are all assembled with carbon fiber.

The trend is also taking place in international markets. For example, 2018 witnessed the unveiling of the industry’s first carbon fiber composite pickup box. From the first-ever composite bed for a full-size truck actually built by General Motors in 2001 to the CarbonPro pickup box developed with Teijin Automotive, which acquired Continental Structural Plastics in 2017.

All these show the success and popularity of composites used in the vehicle components. And TOPOLO is also keeping up with the fast development of composite materials for lightweight solutions, which results in a wide variety of CFRT UD tapes, thermoplastic composite sheets, CFRT honeycomb sandwich panels, and so on.

composite tapes on vehicle use
composite sheets on vehicle use
composite panels on vehicle use

These innovative products and materials take advantage of continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites (CFRT) as follow:

Cost reduction and weight reduction

Enhanced rigidity

Insensitive to moisture and humidity effects

Excellent thermo-formability

Improved thermal insulation

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