Many commercial vehicles are also called a heavy truck. The name means they are supposed to be high strength, and yet implies that they will be perfect if they are lightweight.TOPOLO is researching and manufacturing lightweight fiberglass panels suitable for commercial vehicles with high strength. Our specialized team can help you determine whether our FRP panels can be a solution for your commercial truck project.


TOPOLO supplies fiberglass interior and exterior parts lightweight for CV manufacturing. Molded fiberglass is a desirable substitute for steel in car body parts because of the lightweight nature. FRP parts offer fuel economy and aerodynamic designs.By offering the full gamut of advanced fiberglass material design processes, we can support specific CV manufacturing requirements for appearance, aerodynamics, durability, and lightweight.

Fiberglass Commercial Vehicle Panel Technology

We have gained material breakthroughs such as advanced fiber reinforcement and resin technologies that help reduce the weight of panel body parts for commercial vehicles. Our dedicated composite material research and testing laboratory is approved for composite processes and fiberglass materials.

Value-Added Services

TOPOLO offers fiberglass CV panels with expanded services include:

  • In-mold coating of fiberglass components
  • Weight reduction solutions
  • Packaging support for commercial truck parts
  • CV panel prototyping
  • Panel installation