Class C RV Body

The class C RV is directly modified on the chassis, usually using the chassis of a box truck plus box body. Recognizable as a living or storage area that extends above the RV cab, a Class C motorhome offers more living space than a Class B motorhome but is less bulky and can offer better gas mileage than a Class A motorhome. Although the class C RV is not as big as the class A RV, and the functions are not so complete, it inherits the small and flexible characteristics of the class B RV, the space is compact and complete. Which is an ideal RV.

Customize Your RV Style

As the most popular type of RV in the world, C-type RV has various styles. TOPOLO customizes the class C RV body in different styles.

High-quality Body Composite Panels

TOPOLO applies the most suitable composite material for class C RV body parts.

Class C RV Body Siding Panel
RV Siding Panel
The high-gloss FRP foam composite panel uses almost 100% closed-cell foam board, and the foam core board can choose XPS, PVC, PU, etc., which have good thermal insulation effect. The surface of the RV siding is smooth and free of cracks.
Class C RV Body Floor Panel
RV Floor Panel
Wood grain vinyl floor leather is glued on the surface of FRP foam sandwich board, which is not only aesthetic but also waterproof, moisture-proof, thermal insulation and sound insulation.

OEM CKD Service

TOPOLO provides a complete CKD service for the class C RV body, including a series of assembly parts. Our body panels use one-piece compression molding technology, and can be embedded with reinforcing structural materials according to requirements. After receiving CKD parts, customers can quickly assemble the RV body with simple tools.

RV Accessories
Metal Embedded Reinforcement Structure
Safety Circuit Installation
Quick Assembly

Thermal Insulation

The class c RV body made of TOPOLO composite panels is light and strong, and can maintain a constant temperature inside the body in bad weather. Even if you are in rainy and snowy weather with dozens of degrees below zero, you will not feel the cold outside the RV.