Surface laminates are a component for various CFRT sheets and thermoplastic sandwich panels. They bond to the surface of any thermoplastic reinforced laminates or panel substrate to provide a smooth protective layer.

Benefits and Features

  • High strength and low weight
  • Dimensional stability
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Rapid installation and repair in applications
  • Reduce fiber prominence
  • Hide print through
  • Abrasion & corrosion resistance

Typical Applications of Thermoplastic Reinforced Panels

  • Truck: truck body, door, and floor, sidewalls and  liner panels, trailer skirts; refrigerated truck body tops and sides
  • Boats: hulls, bulkheads, decks, internal furniture
  • Mobile housing: wall panels, floor panels, kitchen partition, bathroom wall, partition
  • Air filters: air purifier, filter on the lampblack purifier, central air conditioning
  • Exterior walls: wall surface
  • Portable toilet: wall panels, floor panels, roof
  • Trailers and RV, sidewalls, roof, door, floor, partition
  • Intermodal: intermodal cargo containers, refrigerated containers
  • Modular housing, kitchen counter,
  • Luggage: skin or frame

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