TOPOLO T-PC series CFRT sheet is a thermoplastic laminate with unidirectional CFRT tapes through specially designed thermal lamination. CFRT laminates are characterized by flexible design, selectable fiber type, fiber content, and fiber orientation for special requirements. The thermoplastic resin is recyclable.

CFRT Laminate Sheets

Along with its aesthetical and flexible design, the lightweight and low thickness of CFRT material show another breakthrough of the boundaries of traditional metal and plastic materials.

CFRT material can be thermoformed with existing thermoforming tools at high yield rates and low cycle times for millions of parts per year. Other production technologies such as hybrid injection molding, automated UD tape laying, and automated fiber placement (AFP) can be easily integrated.

As continuous fiber-reinforced composites, the new products can also be recycled at the end of their useful life, making them “a perfect example of what scalable and sustainable composite solutions look like in giving industries the material tools to push boundaries”.

CFRT Skin Lamination

CFRT sheets can be laminated at one or different angles. (0°, 45°, -45°, 90°, etc.)

Typical Examples:

  • 1 cross-ply (single layer): 0° or 90° laminated, single dimension;
  • 2 cross-ply (double layers): 0° and 90° laminated, equal strength on each dimension;
  • 3 cross-ply: 0°+0°+90° or 0°+90°+90°, partial strength on either 0° or 90°;
  • 4~9 cross-ply: 90/0/90/0/90 or 0/90/0/90/0, or other customized lamination (higher flexural strength and modulus).
CFRT Skin Lamination


TypeCFRT Sheets
Lamination direction0/0; 0/90; 45/45
Ply-cross layers2~9
Maximum width2.8m
Packaging methodBy roll, sheet
ColorBlack, natural color
Fiberglass Content60%~70%
ApplicationSandwich panel skin, automotive composite, side skirts, inner liner, architecture, road construction, car industry etc.

CFRT Sheet Raw Materials

In TOPOLO we provide various sheet skin with various colors and thicknesses, including CFRT skin, FRP skin, stone texture, gel coat skin, etc,.

FibersGlass fiber
Carbon fiber
Kevlar fiber
Basalt fiber
UV stabilizer
Flame retardant agent
Custom color

Benefits of the TOPOLO CFRT Sheets

TOPOLO thermoplastic laminates give more possibilities to the designers for its better performance: strength, lightweight and design flexibility.

  • Continuous fibers provide much more strength and stiffness;
  • Excellent impact resistance and shear performance;
  • Short cycle time;
  • Lightweight: 35% lighter than GRP sheets;
  • Strong tenacity: 100% more than GRP sheets;
  • Low cost: 20% lower than the cost of GRP sheets;
  • Thermal insulated and corrosion-resistant;
  • Easy processing and assembling;
  • Non-poisonous and odorless;
  • 100% recyclable.

Production Process

Combined with the high quality of our CFRT materials, the thermoplastic sandwich panels we produce are under strict control by the precise equipment of TOPOLO production line. From materials to final products, these honeycomb sandwich panels have to go through the following steps.

  • Preheating:

Raw materials (PP honeycomb or foam PP honeycomb core) are preheated and then fed into heating rollers. The thickness of the PP core can be set from 8mm to 50mm as per the materials and property requirements.

  • Laminating:

Under the rollers with high pressure and temperature, the honeycomb sandwich panels are further heated through the air heating system and form a certain structure with even thickness. During this process, the PP core is coated with sheet “skin” on both sides of the surface and becomes sandwich panels. In TOPOLO, these thermoplastic composite sheets can be made of woven fabric or CFRT materials. We can provide CFRT and fabric sheets from 2 to 9 layers as long as you need.

  • Cooling and cutting:

Finally, the structured sandwich composite panels are cooled by the isobaric cooling system and cut into specific shapes for various uses. In TOPOLO, the length of sandwich panels can be designed as long as 3.2m.

Applications of CFRT Sheets

CFRT Sheets in Transportation

  • Rail & Subway: Floor, lining, and roof;
  • Automotive & Ship: Automotive interior & exterior; ship decorative panels, truck cargoes, trailer containers

CFRT Sheets in Sports Tools

  • Sports Tools: Snowboards, sleds, surfboards, diving boards, oars;

CFRT in Pipe, Military, Aerospace

  • Pipes: Used in the pipe structural ply, to make pipes even stronger and more durable by the winding process of extra reinforcement.
  • Military: CFRT can be made into laminated sheets and panels to produce ballistic panels, bulletproof armors, missile storage boxes, etc.
  • Aerospace: Products and components where light weight and strength are both highly required, such as Unit Load Devices (ULD)

Composite Laminates in Construction

  • Movable Units: stalls, stands in movable areas, temporary sheds, mobile shops, promotional tables, shelves, newsstands, playhouse, temporary shelters, portable and removable shower rooms, etc.
  • Furniture/ office: partitions panels, doors, floors, countertops, cabinets, (movable) furniture, etc.


With our newly developed technology of continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic, TOPOLO is attracting interest in diverse market segments including the electrical industry, automotive, medical, athletic shoes, and consumer goods. We also produce T-UD series uni-directional reinforced tapes and T-PC series thermoplastic composite sheets at our production site in Shanghai. We believe the new material can truly bring value to next-generation products across industries by delivering a combination of lightweight construction, specific strengths, and finishes at a scale unreachable for today’s existing materials.


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