• Post published:September 2, 2020

Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) is one of the most widely used engineering plastics. Its unique molecular structure has many performance advantages, such as high-temperature resistance, long-term resistance to 200°C working temperature, high rigidity, small shrinkage rate, and water absorption. Although PPS itself is quite brittle, it can be reinforced through various fibers, enabling it to withstand a large part of the impact force. Commonly used reinforcing fibers are glass fiber (GF), carbon fiber (CF), aramid fiber, and so on. Carbon fiber is advanced in its lightweight, high strength and modulus, corrosion and high-temperature resistance, and small expansion coefficient. When used as a reinforcement and combined with PPS, it can effectively compensate for the inherent defects of PPS.

Carbon Fiber PPS Tape 3

Continuous carbon fiber reinforced PPS composites are significantly better than chopped or powdered PPS in terms of strength, wear resistance, impact resistance, etc., but the requirements of equipment and technologies are too high for ordinary suppliers. In particular, the problem that carbon fiber is difficult to be completely infiltrated has always been a recognized problem in the industry. After several years of arduous research, an R&D team from Wuxi successfully solved the problem of carbon fiber infiltration and improved the fusion effect with thermoplastic resin. Thus the stable mass production of continuous carbon fiber reinforced PPS tape is realized. It also provides valuable experience for the scale production of carbon fiber PA and PEEK series products.

Carbon Fiber PPS Tape 2

The continuous carbon fiber reinforced PPS prepreg tape has a smooth surface, high resin infiltration, and rich luster. The continuous carbon fiber is evenly arranged and the fiber content is well retained. The new composite material not only has high impact resistance mechanical properties of engineering plastics, but also inherits the excellent characteristics of carbon fiber with low density, high strength, corrosion resistance, and easy forming.

The further application of PPS UD tape is in sandwich panels. The skin of panels can be greatly reinforced with UD tape technology and then applied in the panels of cold van body panels, freezer trailer panels, refrigerated truck body panels, etc..

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