Carbon fiber composite material has an incomparable specific strength and specific modulus than other materials. The density is only about 1.6g/cm³, much lower than steel and aluminum. Using it in the design of the car body and other parts can reduce the quality of the whole vehicle by about 35%.

High Strength

The tensile strength of carbon fiber composite materials is generally above 3500MPa. The specific strength is 7 times higher than that of most metals. The carbon fiber cockpit has a very small deformation after a collision, which can effectively protect the lives of the driver and passengers. In addition, the specially woven collision energy-absorbing structure breaks into smaller pieces in a high-speed collision, effectively improving the passive safety of the whole vehicle.

Comparison of energy adsorbability


Carbon fiber composite is mainly composed of carbon fiber tow and resin materials. It has stable chemical properties and needs no surface anti-corrosion treatment. It also has excellent weather resistance and aging resistance. The lifespan is generally 2-3 times that of steel. The fatigue strength of CFRT functional parts is also much higher than that of steel.

High-Temperature Resistance

The performance of carbon fiber is very stable below 400℃, and there is not much change even at 1000℃. The heat resistance of composites mainly depends on the matrix, and the long-term heat resistance of resin-based composites can reach about 300°C.

Small thermal expansion coefficient: The thermal expansion coefficient of carbon fiber itself is a negative number (-0.5~-1.6)×10-6/K indoors, zero at 200~400℃, and 1.5×10-6/K when it is less than 1000℃. Carbon fiber composite material is also inherently stable in the expansion coefficient, which is beneficial to driving safety.

Sandwich Panels in Cold Vans


Carbon fiber composite is an ideal material for lightweight. It is widely used in the car industry. A fiber composite panel is a common solution for almost all lightweight projects, such as door panels, chassis, roof panels, etc. You can see detailed descriptions on our website.