The caravan is towed behind the road vehicle, and it has enough space to be equipped with various living equipment, such as refrigerator, chair, sofa, table, washstand, toilet, bed, air conditioner, kitchen and so on. It provides comfortable living and sleeping places for travelers. Caravans provide many conveniences for those who like to travel. It is comfortable, saves money, and brings people closer to nature.

Most of the RV types are mainly caravans, so why are caravans more popular in the market?

  • The structure of caravans is relatively simple, it has no power system, so maintenance is relatively simple.
  • Caravans are more spacious, it looks more like a house and is more comfortable for long-term living.
  • Caravans are cheaper, it costs less to produce, and at the same time has a lower overall weight, which reduces shipping costs a lot.

CKD Caravans Services

TOPOLO provides customized CKD caravan services, including design, material selection, processing and assembly, etc.

Professional Model Design

A professional design team designs a model that matches your style according to your needs. These models will be analyzed by CAE, which greatly saves manufacturing costs and reduces any potential problems.

Premium Material Selection

We provide a variety of RV composite panel materials, combinations of various core materials, and skin materials. Such as XPS, PET, PU, PVC, EPP foam core composite panels, or PP honeycomb core composite panels

One Piece Molding Panels

TOPOLO adopts advanced one-piece forming panel processing technology, and the panel is produced by an advanced four-layer negative pressure machine. Then cut out the shape of the panel according to customer needs. Customers can quickly assemble these panels together after receiving them.

Customer Cases