Aramid Honeycomb Core

Aramid honeycomb core is a honeycomb structure material made of aramid paper impregnated with flame-retardant phenolic resin. Aramid (polyimide) is a high-performance polymer with excellent high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. The cell structure of aramid honeycomb core is hexagonal, which makes it lightweight, high-strength, sound-absorbing, and heat-insulating.

Aramid Honeycomb Core

Why Choose Hexagonal Honeycomb Structure?

The hexagonal structure of aramid honeycomb cells is one of the most efficient structures capable of filling space. The hexagonal structure has stable connections and can maximize the use of aramid materials, making the honeycomb structure have maximum strength and stiffness. And it can evenly distribute the load, thereby improving the durability and compression resistance of the material.

Aramid Honeycomb Core

In summary, its characteristics are as follows:

  • Good resin penetration.
  • High specific strength and stiffness.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance and self-extinguishing properties.
  • Better weather resistance and insulation.
  • Good electromagnetic wave penetration performance.
  • High stability.

Cell Types

We offer aramid honeycomb cores in two cell types: regular hexagonal honeycomb core and over-expanded hexagonal honeycomb core.

Aramid Honeycomb Core
Regular Hexagonal Honeycomb Core

The regular hexagonal cell structure makes the honeycomb panel structure more stable and suitable for products requiring less deformation.

Aramid Honeycomb Core
Overexpanded Honeycomb Core

The over-expanded cell shape allows the honeycomb panel to bend easily in one direction, making it suitable for forming simple curves.

Technical Date

Cell size(mm)Density(kg/m3)Compression strength(Mpa)L-Shear(N/mm2)W-Shear
3.21/8 inch481.91.160.62
45/23 inch290.60.450.26
4.83/16 inch320.90.580.36
6.41/4 inch240.540.340.18
(•Density tolerance: ± 10%, •Thickness tolerance: ± 0.20mm.)

Aramid Honeycomb VS Aluminum Honeycomb

ItemSide Length(mm)Density (kg/m³)Compressive StrengthCompression ModulusShear StrengthShear Modulus
Aramid Honeycomb2.75483252.24200.131751.260.04
5052 Aluminum Honeycomb2.75483002.06750.512101.44450.81


Aramid honeycomb is widely used in aerospace, automotive, electronics, protection and other fields. Such as ship bulkhead connecting plates, helicopter rotor blades, fuel tanks, antennas, radars, floors, hulls, racing car bodies, ground antennas, etc.

Aramid Honeycomb Core Composite Panels

The honeycomb sandwich structure based on aramid honeycomb core material is an important energy-absorbing material. The obvious advantages of aramid honeycomb are low thermal expansion and thermal conductivity as well as high heat resistance and fire resistance. Its dimensional stability under hot and humid conditions makes it suitable for various high-end applications. Aramid honeycomb core can be composited with carbon fiber prepreg, glass fiber prepreg, metal plates, etc. to make composite plates of various thicknesses and shapes.