Airstream trailer is another famous name for motor homes. A part of airstream refers to vintage models. Airstream trailer panels are quite similar to motor home panels. In this article, we share some hints of choosing the trailer size.

Size is a substantial dilemma for newbies of airstream buyers. They may tend to buy the smallest trailer just for easy towing. They will mostly regret when they discover the need for more space, and towing is not a problem at all.

Airstream measurements are generally stated to include the full length of the trailer, bumper to the ball, and so the actual living space of the trailer can be on average 4 – 5 feet less than the stated length.

Airstream with Aluminum Skin
Airstream with Aluminum Skin

Some things to consider when choosing trailer length:

Whether to buy a new one or an old one.

How many axles?

Over the years the shape and width of the airstream have changed. Older types are narrower and have a more rounded shape, thus reducing interior volume. In 1981, airstream began to produce wider bodied trailers, increasing widths from 96″ to 102″ wide. In general, older trailers are also lighter weight, although beginning in 2008 the new Sport Editions are designed with an eye towards weight reduction.

Where will you take your Airstream?

Almost all modern campgrounds can accommodate very long trailers, but some national forest campgrounds have length restrictions that will exclude all but the smallest (under 22 feet) trailers. These campgrounds were originally built with tent campers in mind and larger trailers simply don’t fit on narrow access roads or into short campsites.

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Optional Interiors of Airstream Trailer Panels
Optional Interiors of Airstream Trailer Panels

Traditionally, airstream skin is aluminum. You can also add foam panels as interior skin for thermal insulation. TOPOLO provides various foam panels with lightweight and high strength.

Panels suitable for airstream trailer skin

PU panel related 200724
PU Foam Sandwich Panels
PVC Foam Panels
XPS Foam Panels

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