Customized CKD adventure camper body

Everyone knows that there will always be someone who takes travel to the next level. This person is not satisfied with admiring the Eiffel Tower in Paris and Big Ben in London, but yearns for the vast fields, towering mountains, and quiet lakes. This is not a problem that can be solved by sitting on a bus. In short, you need an adventure camper that’s ready for off-roading.

TOPOLO offers a series of solutions for your adventure camper body projects.

Customized CKD adventure camper body
  • Body Design

A team of professional designers will design the body style for your adventure vehicle, customizing your modern RV in your own style.

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Customized CKD adventure camper panels
  • Body Materials

If you are a manufacturer of adventure RVs and you are looking for material suppliers all over the world, TOPOLO composite panels for RVs is your best answer. TOPPLO uses high-quality glass fiber foam sandwich panel as the body material, which is both light and strong with thermal insulation.

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TOPOLO – Adventure Camper Body Manufacturing Expert

Customized CKD adventure camper accessories
Custom Accessories
Different customers have different RV needs, especially the choice of accessories, and there is no standard and unified answer. TOPOLO customizes non-standard RV accessories for you.
Customized CKD adventure RV body
CKD Service
TOPOLO provides you with the perfect CKD service. After all the body parts are produced in our factory and transported to the destination, customers only need to use simple tools to assemble them.

Super Weather Resistance

Adventure RVs made of TOPOLO composite materials can adapt to extreme climatic conditions, whether it is rainy or snowy weather, hot sun exposure, and complex road conditions.

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